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Lanl(蓝淋) MC group dress

Set survival generate electricity to create PvP mini-games

Java edition

No genuine version, version interworking, any version can be entered

The hall is under construction and you are welcome to leave your footprints.

The server may be temporarily offline due to maintenance. ipv4/ipv6 ipv6 ipv4

What is a group dress?

A group server is a collection of multiple servers in a single game mode into a unified entity.

This method can solve the problems such as too many server addresses, difficult to remember, and need to exit and re-enter the login password when switching between different servers

At present, the server supports ipv6 and ipv4 connection (, ipv6 is direct connection, ipv4 is the MC server that uses Alibaba Cloud server as a transit connection. Therefore, the ipv6 experience is better than ipv4, but the MC initiator preferentially uses the ipv4 address to connect to the server by default. There are two solutions

Method 1. Modify the initiator Settings

HMCL launcher opens click on the lower left corner, after entering the right side of the slide to the bottom, click change advanced Settings, enter the decline after find the Java virtual machine Settings, fill in the Java virtual machine parameters - can.

Photo 2 on the launcher, click on the above Settings, right down to the bottom, after entering find the JVM parameter of the advanced startup options, fill - can

When the Launcher is open, click on the configuration at the top, find the corresponding version, click three points, then click Edit, find more options at the bottom, click Expand, move to the last part of the JVM parameters and enter a space. Then enter -, saved can.

How do I know if my network supports ipv6? , pass the following web test (copy to browser to open)

1. in ipv6 connectivity tests to see if support ipv6

2. Check whether IPV6 is displayed

3. Check whether the message "Your network IPv6 access priority" is displayed

4. in IPv6 connectivity see display Not supported (do Not support) or supported (support)

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