Frequently Asked Questions for Server Owners and Players

The Help section primarily caters to server administrators, but players also have numerous inquiries that we've endeavored to address. Let's get started!

Guide on Adding a Server

  1. Player Connectivity:
    To begin, ensure that any player can connect to your server via the internet
  2. DNS Reliability:
    Verify the reliability of your DNS to guarantee that your server is consistently polled accurately and remains online on our monitoring platform.
  3. IP Address Option:
    If you're uncertain about your DNS's reliability, it's advisable to add the server to the monitoring using its IP address.
  4. Whitelisting IP Address:
    Include our IP address,, in the whitelist on your host. Your hosting provider or DDoS protection might filter our IP address due to frequent polling.

1. Decoding the Numbers:
The digits following the colon represent the server's port, where the server is hosted. The port 25565 is the standard port for Minecraft servers.

2. Customizing in
Within the file, under the "server-port" section, you have the flexibility to change the port from the default to a preferred value.

3. Considerations for Monitoring:
However, when adding your server to our monitoring, remember to input the port you've chosen, as we require this information to accurately track your server's status.

  1. Ensuring Uniqueness: Every server is meticulously checked for uniqueness. However, if you find yourself facing this issue, it's likely that someone held your server's IP address before you did. They might have filled in information about their server during that time.

  2. Editable Server Information: All server information is subject to customization. To modify it, follow these steps:

    Updating Server Info: Add your server to the monitoring system. The system will prompt you to validate your ownership of the server. Once you complete this verification process, a world of possibilities opens up.
    Unlocking Editing Capability: You'll gain access to the "Edit" option for your server's information. This empowers you to curate the details according to your preferences.

Server Ownership Confirmation

  • If the server you are adding is not in our monitoring, the confirmation of ownership rights happens automatically, which can be considered a conditional confirmation of your rights based on our own trust in you. However, intentional violation of server information submission rules will result in sanctions being imposed on your server, leading to significant consequences.. 
  • If you are the genuine server owner and are prompted to confirm server ownership during the addition process, we have specifically designed two verification options for your convenience: 

    Method 1) Add #word to the server name (with server restart) as specified by us.
    Method 2) Using the RCON password (without server restart). Please note that we do not store your RCON password; we only use it for a single request to authenticate on your server.
    Method 3) "Contact us on Telegram @twileck, and we will individually add the server to your personal account.

  1. When adding a server to monitoring, we request that you provide at least the basic server information so that players can find your server based on their preferences. To fill in your server information, click on the 'pencil' icon in your account, which signifies 'Edit Server'. 
  2. What information is considered the most important?
  • Server Name (up to 60 characters)
  • Website Address or Social Media Group (choose from the provided options)
  • Server Page Address in Monitoring (e.g., "agroproject":
  • Game Version and at Least One Installed Mode (e.g., "Survival")
  • Brief Server Description (up to 130 characters)
  • This description will appear on the left side of the page and can attract players to your server with a skillful depiction.
  • Full description is not a priority feature, but we strongly recommend adding it to attract a larger audience.

ATTENTION! If your server completes all the server information, you will receive an achievement with a bonus of 5 points, which will significantly boost your server's rating. The achievement will also enhance its appeal on the monitoring platform! All of these combined will increase traffic to your server.

Where do the server's achievements come from?

Achievements are rewards on our monitoring platform for which you earn a certain number of points, significantly boosting your server's ranking among others. It's worth noting that both the achievements and the points earned will remain with you permanently!

To earn a good amount of points at the beginning, it's quite simple if you don't mind putting in some effort and fulfilling all the conditions. Let's go through the list of all the conditions you need to meet to achieve certain rewards and bonuses:

  • "Unnoticed" - Awarded for adding your server to the monitoring, giving you a modest yet confident 1 point.
  • "Gaining Player Interest" - Your server must receive 15 votes from players who have been on it. Reward: 1 point.
  • "A Niche Enthusiast" - Your server needs to receive at least 50 votes from players. Reward: 2 points.
  • "Becoming Popular" - Your server must receive 100 votes from players. Reward: 3 points.
  • "Popular Server" - Reaching over 250 votes. Reward: 4 points.
  • "Crowd Favorite" - Your server receives votes from at least 5 people daily. Reward: 2 points.
  • "Taking a Chance" - Purchasing a paid service for your server. Reward: 1 point.
  • "Serious Commitment" - Actively investing in services. Reward: 3 points.
  • "Steady Progress" - Buying 10 points for your server. Reward: 1 point.
  • "Getting the Hang of It" - Buying 50 points. Reward: 2 points.
  • "Big Spender" - Buying 100 points. Reward: 2 points.
  • "Beginner" - Server reaches an online count of 50 players. Reward: 1 point.
  • "Popular Server" - Online count exceeds 200 players. Reward: 2 points.
  • "Player Magnet" - Online count surpasses 1000 players. Reward: 3 points.
  • "Standout" - Ordering color highlighting on the monitoring. Reward: 1 point.
  • "Filled Server Information" - Fill out all the server information for the biggest reward - 6 points!
  • "Hyped" - Players actively discuss the server. Reward: 3 points.
  • "Caring Admin" - Admin responds to questions in the comments. Reward: 3 points.
  • "Added a voting button for the server on your website" - The administrator has placed a voting button on their website. Reward: 10 points.

Server promotion

  1. Register in your personal account.
  2. Add your server to the monitoring.
  3. Edit the server by filling in all the important information about it so that it will be displayed in the general list of servers. To edit, click the "Pencil" icon in your personal account.

Let us share with you the secret of successful promotion. And here's the catch—it's not just from us. Yes, you heard it right. You can make your server incredibly popular. Now, we're going to reveal some small but highly effective secrets about what you need to do for that. By following the actions mentioned below, you'll earn an achievement on our monitoring platform, which will grant you a substantial bonus of 6 points, significantly elevating your ranking on the monitoring list!

  1. Server Name: Your server's name should be enticing enough for visitors on the monitoring platform to click on it. To achieve this, we provide the option to change the name in your personal account (up to 60 characters). Unleash your creativity!

  2. Future Monitoring Link URL: This URL will be displayed in the search bar and search engines when players search for your server. A brief server name in the URL will replace the usual ID address.

  3. IP Address: It's preferable for your server to be accessible through a domain name, as it's easier to remember. This increases the reach of returning visitors who will keep coming back to you. If you wish to display both domain and numeric IP addresses to players, our monitoring allows for this option. Players visiting your server's page will see both addresses.

  4. Website: To enable players to donate or access other useful information, provide the website of your project/server.

  5. Screenshots: Adding appealing screenshots motivates players the most to visit your server. They get a glimpse of the real gameplay. Aim to create attractive screenshots.

  6. Social Media: We've added the option to include your social media accounts on your server/project page. This attracts potential players from our monitoring and also facilitates convenient player communication with you.

  7. Banner: A beautiful banner (468x60) captures the maximum audience when they visit the monitoring site. Invest time to create an eye-catching banner that will attract more visitors to your server's page on our monitoring. The maximum banner size is 2 MB.

  8. Current Version: Ensure your server's version is always up-to-date on the monitoring site. Don't forget to update it when transitioning to a new version.

  9. Server Filters (Parameters): If you don't select server parameters, you might lose a significant portion of players. If your server has specific mods or plugins, include them in the filters; otherwise, players won't know what your server offers! IMPORTANT: You can only select existing parameters on your server; otherwise, sanctions will be imposed on your server.

  10. Brief Description: A description of up to 130 characters displayed on the left side of your server's page. Craft an engaging description highlighting your server's advantages or an enticing message that could capture players' attention and prompt them to click on your server's page.

  11. Detailed Description: An attractive server description can intrigue players, especially if you share various interesting aspects using our editor. The text should be enjoyable to read. Furthermore, your server's page gets indexed by search engines, so try to include keywords that help people find your server in search results.

  1. Place Voting Buttons on Your Website: On the server page, under the "Buttons" section, you'll find various buttons to choose from. Add a button to your site so that when your players click on it, they'll be directed to the monitoring page to vote for your server, thereby boosting its ranking.

  2. Beautiful Online Widgets and Banners: On the server page, check out the "Widgets" and "Banners" sections for visually appealing widgets and banners that showcase useful server information. By adding these to your site, you'll attract potential players.

  3. Live Statistics Graphics: On the server page, in the "Statistics" section, you can copy live server statistics widgets (real-time player count) to your own site. You can display statistics for the day and even for the entire month.

  4. Gather Initial Server Online Presence: If your server has low or no online player count (around 2-3), consider whether you would join such a server. Most likely not, and other players share the same sentiment. If you lack the finances for paid services to boost your server's visibility on our monitoring, try promoting it through relevant social media groups, websites, YouTube channels, etc. Once your server's online count is reasonable for gameplay (around 7-10 players), monitoring visitors will be more inclined to join.

  5. Encourage Comments: Players are discerning and particular. Encourage potential players to leave reviews about your server on our monitoring. Positive reviews will attract other newcomers who are browsing the server list. If you, as an administrator, also respond to player questions in the comments, player trust in your server will significantly increase.

  6. Popular Minecraft Version: Keep track of the popularity of different game versions to attract as many players as possible. Even if your server ranks high on our monitoring but uses a version that only a small number of players prefer, your traffic will be lower compared to servers ranked much lower but using a popular version. To check version popularity, visit the website and search for queries like "minecraft servers" + "version number" (e.g., "minecraft servers 1.13"). Use quotation marks around the query as shown in the example. This way, you'll know which version is currently the most popular.

  7. 24x7 Availability: Yes, your server should always be operational, as disruptions irritate players and lead to minimal online counts. It's advisable to host your server with a reputable hosting provider that specializes in Minecraft server rentals.

  8. Advice for Servers with Custom Launchers: Players find extra steps like registration and email confirmation burdensome. Simplify their experience:

    • Provide a link to the launcher page on our monitoring.
    • Display a prominent "Download Launcher" button on your site.
    • Keep registration simple, with just 2-3 essential fields. Avoid making email confirmation mandatory, as it could discourage many players. If you do make email confirmation necessary, consider offering players a valuable incentive to encourage them to complete the extra step.
    • Once players transition from the monitoring to your site, minimize unnecessary steps to ensure they become your players.