MMLauncher - a convenient Minecraft launcher

MMLauncher is a Minecraft launcher that enables you to access any servers with a single click. The launcher is cross-platform and available for gaming on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


MMLauncher enhances your Minecraft gaming experience significantly by relieving you of virtually all the concerns that arise when playing on licensed or pirate servers. Simply download the MMLauncher for Minecraft and install it – then launch the game on any server instantly. The necessary version and software will be automatically installed, eliminating the need for you to worry about Java installation, as the program takes care of it for you. Similarly, the launcher autonomously installs updates upon release, sparing players from tracking new versions. Notifications containing a list of changes in each patch are presented to the user right after installation.

With our launcher, you can effortlessly perform actions such as adding friends, engaging in conversations, marking servers as favorites, joining them with a single click, and effortlessly switching between versions. Thanks to the utilization of original Minecraft files at the core of the client, you can enjoy a seamless gameplay experience on both licensed and pirate servers.


Advantages of the launcher

Modern design with the option to choose one of three themes.

Favorite server system, allowing you to create lists of your favorite servers.

Automatic updates will spare you the need to manually download the launcher from our website.

Automatic memory of servers you've played on in the Minecraft client.

Ability to search for friends, send private messages, and manage your status.

The use of original client files allows you to play on both pirate and licensed servers.

Multi-account functionality enables simultaneous access to multiple accounts with convenient switching.

Doesn't require Java. No need to install Java separately, as it will be automatically installed before launch