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There is no donation on the server, really, it does not exist at all.
Want to play on 1.20? Our server has its support enabled!
Multilingualism, we try to translate everything into 3 languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English (at the moment most of them are in English).
Players do not have Minecraft java? Our server supports the game from the phone!
Are you afraid that the server will not hold or there will be little space? The server will easily support up to 500 people and the world size is about 30mln blocks in all directions thanks to the new kernel.
Any questions or found a bug? We will gladly answer questions and try to fix all bugs!
Need a plugin for Voice Chat? We have SimpleVoice installed, because Plasmo Voice has a lot of flaws and bugs. And that's not all, we still have a lot of interesting things, like cities and so on

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