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Java/Bedrock compatible!

A Game Of Thrones Conquest Server embodies The Ice and Fire roleplay into the Minecraft simulation! Be prepared to lead your house, or join an existing one. Rule or be ruled, fight or be killed. But if you know how to play the game well, peace will conquer.

If you join our server we highly recommend you join our discord community too to register and join a house of your liking or start your own! In this server, you have the freedom or break and make alliances, sell or buy things and on top of all, quests!

We are very realistic when it comes to roleplay and ask you to put on and off your character when necessary. We have roleplay channels to announce new beginnings and every turn of events to keep the lore going.

We have numerous plugins to make your roleplay life realistic and ongoing. Are you ready to play the game?
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