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IP address: mc.ibytegaming.com
Bedrock IP: mc.ibytegaming.com:19132
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United States
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Uptime Uptime: 76.06%
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-It's Here!-

iByte MC is now up to date for 1.20! We are excited to share it with everyone! One of the biggest questions when considering a new server, is, "What does this have to offer?" I'm going to break this up for anyone that is interested. We are running a Paper Spigot server, which means the server is very optimized and very lightweight. Bedrock players and Java players between MC version 1.10 and 1.20 can join!

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Custom Generation
Terralith, Incendium, Nullscape, and Structory will make every world you explore feel like a new adventure, and will also test your skills!

Levelled Mobs
Mobs level with your player’s XP level, become to powerful, and you will face enemies that will punish you

We include the Towny plugin in our server, but our primary focus is survival. Players can claim land to prevent griefing, and start a nation once they have grown powerful enough!

A big favorite of ours is mcMMO. Players can level up skills and unlock perks, such as cutting entire trees down in one swing.

Economy & Chest Shop
We are currently running XConomy and Chest Shop. Just type /warps ingame for a list of shops, or /shop to go to the general store.The economy is based off of players playtime / jobs they selected!

While we will do our best to moderate and prevent harassment, griefing, racism, and general toxic behavior, we cannot be everywhere at once.
Any concerns or issues can be reported directly to any admin or moderator in-game or on the forum.

We want to make this a fun community, and user input is vital to our success. If anybody has ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints, or concerns, let us know.
We believe the only way to grow is to listen to the community and let the users decide the direction we expand in.
Your input is invaluable.

I hope you have a great time playing on our servers, and we are looking forward to seeing you in-game!
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