Flow Network Minecraft Server

IP address: Flowskies.minehut.gg
Server country:
United States
Swimming in players A popular server Beginner
Uptime Uptime: 99.54%

Server description:

?Flow Infuse smp?
A close-knit Minecraft community centered around like-minded folk who love survival!
IP: flowskies.minehut.gg
What is Flowskies? ?
Founded in June of 2023, a great team banded together to build the survival server of our dreams; all of us love building, art, and making cute things... we made a massive custom spawn town, around 500 blocks across, hiding lots of little secrets in it and making each building by hand. A spawn that we still use to this day for hide and seek and other small games!
Before we knew it, a tight-knit and friendly community formed around this server. Everyone knows each other, and rarely does anyone join without being welcomed back by people online! People of all playstyles have made our community their home.
1.20.1 SMP Server ?
This is our original public SMP, which we have cultivated over the course of the past year! It contains many staple SMP features such as:
? Set-Homes
? Player Economy
? Crates
? Player Teleport
Rules ?
Minecraft Server Rules
Be respectful to all players.
No cheating or hacking.
No spamming or advertising.
No NSFW content.
No Alt Farming
Follow the instructions of the server staff.
No X-ray
Discord Server Rules
Don't Be a Jerk.
No trolling or harassment.
No spamming or advertising.
No NSFW content.
Follow the instructions of the server moderators.
If you've read until here, thank you so much for your attention and consideration! We hope you give us a chance and feel free to leave any comments and suggestions about our server or post in the comments below!
If we sound up your alley, we'd love for you to come and say hi and maybe stay awhile. Hopefully, we'll see you on the other side!
We also have a skymining server!
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