Deathrun Minecraft Servers

Deathrun Minecraft Servers offer an exciting and challenging minigame where players must navigate through a series of traps and obstacles to reach the finish line. In this thrilling game mode, some players take on the role of "runners," while others become "death" or "trap" activators. The objective for the runners is to successfully make it to the end of the course without getting caught by the traps. These traps are activated by the death players, and they can include parkour challenges, pressure plates, and other deadly obstacles. Runners must rely on their agility and quick reflexes to avoid these traps and progress through the course. The death players, on the other hand, try to strategically activate the traps to eliminate the runners. Their goal is to make it as difficult as possible for the runners to reach the finish line. 
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Minecraft Deathrun Server List

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