Pureland SMP Minecraft Server

IP address: purelandsmp.com
Server country:
United States
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Uptime Uptime: 99.1%

Server description:

Welcome to Pureland SMP, where simplicity meets exploration in our brand new semi-vanilla survival server. Pureland is designed for players who appreciate minimal plugins and a close-knit community atmosphere. Discover the joy of a growing economy, user-friendly commands, and an interactive spawn town with rental plots.
IP: purelandsmp.com
Key Features:
Semi-Vanilla Survival: Enjoy Minecraft the way it's meant to be played—enhanced with just enough plugins to keep things interesting without overwhelming the core game.
Community-Centric: Claim your plot at spawn or venture out into the wild. Build alone or together in a friendly and respectful environment.
Economic System: Engage with our simple yet immersive economy. Use commands like /bal/baltop to track your financial progress. Exciting player shops coming soon!
Essential Commands: Ease your gameplay with commands like /spawn/sethome/home/playtime.
Active Discord Community: Join our Discord to connect with other players, get server updates, and participate in community events.
Whether you’re looking to master the economy, explore vast new landscapes, or simply enjoy a peaceful place to craft and build, Pureland SMP offers a welcoming space for all adventurers.
Join us today and create your own story in Pureland SMP, where every player matters and every moment is an opportunity for fun and adventure.
IP: purelandsmp.com
Discord: Use /discord in-game for an invite! OR here is the link -> https://discord.com/invite/tHj7UQ5x5k

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