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Pre 1.16 Fishing, Customizable Armor Stands, Skin Changers, Colored Anvils, & Mob Silencing Name tags (redundant). These data packs won't change the Semi-Anarchy/Vanilla aspect of the server, they only enhance vanilla to make it more interesting.

We allow players to use hacks that won't give them movement / combat advantage over other players, So you can use X-ray and baritone freely.

In the future, we will be hosting Nitro giveaways (Perhaps Cash giveaways) and in-game cosmetics.

Right now, we're giving back to our community by voting. We have 2 voting sites, our rewards for voting are a 50% chance of getting 3 Steak, and 5 XP bottles. The top three players who have the most votes by the end of the week, each gets their own personalized colored name tag.

Keep in mind that this server is still in its infancy, so not too many players will be online, but you can change that.

We support Java & Bedrock, so join Drilly today!
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