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triangle 19132 Bedrock

Welcome to the DragonShield Server - A Minecraft realm where gameplay and camaraderie thrive in a strictly non-toxic environment. Earn rewards with our unique PlayTime Rank system - the more you play, the higher you climb, unlocking cool perks along the way.

Expect to face more than 20 custom mobs lurking below level 60, and get ready for weekly boss events set in one of our 70+ unique dungeons. Remember, the loot goes to the player who lands the final blow!

DragonShield's world is vast and varied, hosting over 500+ unique biomes and 400+ unique structures, guaranteeing an endless explorative experience.

Power-up with our comprehensive enchantment system boasting over 300 enchantments. Enhance your gear at the enchanting table or trade your earned EXP.

Prepared for battle? Get your hands on our exclusive armor set, stronger than Netherite, turning you into an unmatched warrior on the battlefield.

Are you up for a challenge? Brace yourself for the ANCIENT ONES. Every weekend, they lead the bold to a ruthless world, Nafplio. You'll only have two hours in this harsh land, with no inventory protection, natural health regeneration, or command access. If you fall early, the rift reopens for 15 minutes, allowing a second chance.

Nafplio is home to mobs far stronger than any you've encountered, with the power to down a fully armored Netherite player. Conquer them, and reap a bounty of EXP.

Discover Dragonite, a rare, high-energy material with a 3% spawn chance in chunks from -60y to 80y. Crafting tools with Dragonite requires Netherite sticks, and smelting it grants considerable EXP but can be volatile. Dragonite armor, however, is safely stabilized by a Faraday cage effect.

The ANCIENT ONES' motives? Still a mystery. But as we delve deeper into their world, we strive to uncover their purpose in DragonShield. Gear up and join the adventure.

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