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Step into the Minecraft world of DragonShield, a server noted for its welcoming atmosphere and active community. We take a firm stance against any toxic behavior to keep the server a pleasant place for everyone.

DragonShield's unique feature, PlayTime Ranks, rewards you simply for playing. The more you play, the better your rank becomes. Advancing in rank provides benefits like better kits and perks including back, feed, additional homes, hats, and much more.

Tired of the same old mobs? We've got a selection of over 20 custom mobs like Watchers, Smoke Demons, Dead Miners, and Crawling Skellys, all awaiting you below level 60.

Enjoy weekly boss events and challenging dungeon experiences. The bosses come with complex attack systems and over 30 different abilities. Hurry though - the loot rewards go to the quickest and smartest players who land the last hit.

DragonShield's enchants system offers a massive 300 different enchantments. Earn them through regular enchanting or buy them with EXP. We've got everything, from PvP to mining enchants to other interesting effects.
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