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Light Network
Light Network is a 3-in-1 Java Minecraft Survival server hosting Survival, Vanilla and Towny. We offer a range of survival game modes for players to explore and enjoy whilst sticking to the main theme of the game. All worlds are very fresh and haven't been explored much; be the first to find the best loot and locations... Connect to the server today to start your adventure!

Survival - Java
Survival runs on Minecraft's standard world generation with a balanced economy at place in the world. Survival holds crates that can be secured by vote keys to help them build themselves up. Quests are in place for players to make some extra cash here and there. Jobs are offered as a constant income for players to take part in while completing standard tasks like mining, crafting, wood chopping, exploring, hunting and fishing, plus a few more. Players also have access to an auction house that allows them to host items to a price of their choosing depending on the need or rarity of a singular or bulk amount of an item. You can also grind away and make farms with the use of silk spawners - mining spawners with silk touch and being able to place them close together to produce efficient farms in a lag free space along site vote and playtime ranks.

Vanilla - Java & Bedrock
Everyone loves Vanilla! We have this realm for people who like to run with the bare necessities. Just let your mind wander and build to your hearts content. Grow your villager trading halls, farm wither roses to full capacity, build storage systems for every item, test redstone mechanics, duplicate allowed items and explore the new 1.19 generation while experiencing a lag free unaltered environment!

Towny - Java
Towny is a popular and enjoyable feature that allows players to expand territories while building alongside other people. It uses a per-person town claiming system; the more people in a town, the more claim power over the land you will have. Come and create nations to take over the server! This runs on a more geo-political stance with town rankings. Towny also offers the feature to design and customise your town with the game style of how you want to play. Want to raid? Want to PVP in specific areas? Want to fight other towns in a war? Want to create a civil war? Want to stay neutral and just build? All these can be done on Towny.

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