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Fidus AchatesCurrently 1.19.4 | | |

"A Faithfull Friend/Companion

"Welcome to Fidus Achates!About usWe are a small Bungeecord Server Cluster, ran by friends and family, that we have put together for the community to enjoy some of the best things Java minecraft has to offer, without having to mod your game.

The server is a Towny Server mixed with custom items and rpg elements.


we also updated geyser for bedrock player support [​Please note custom items do not work properly on bedrock edition, yet you can still play]

Auctionhouse, where players can bid and sell.
Custom terrain generation in all 3 map versions
-Terralith for the overworld
-Incendium for the Nether
-Nullscape for the end
-Structory for custom structures and towns

We strive to offer unique experiences for our players and try to maintain a fair gameplay environment for all. With that being taken into account, we strive to be very responsive on our discord channels which are linked directly to our in game chat, and are always ready to help and take ideas from our community.

We offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards and occasionally hold different Plot Design Contests, Holidays Events, Promotions, and Charity Events (ExtraLife), Check back often!

Competitive? So are we! Fidus has tons of leaderboards to show off your accomplishments to the entire server. Stay at the top to receive rewards!

4 Gb Server Hosted in San Francisco California

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