Minecraft Canvas Minecraft Server

IP address: minecraftcanvas.com:25577
Bedrock IP: minecraftcanvas.com:19132
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United States
Swimming in players A popular server Beginner
Bedrock version
Uptime Uptime: 75.34%

Server description:

Welcome to Minecraft Canvas, or Minecraft Canvas Flammable, abbreviated: MCF. MCF is a Minecraft server that started on August 16, 2023, with the intent to never reset its map, never perform economy resets (unlike THAT server), provide a limitless world with almost no rules, and adding features that other servers like this don't have.

To be more elaborate on "almost no rules" We allow hacks that don't give a player movement/combative advantage in the game. E.g, we wouldn't allow hacks like Speed, Reach, or Kill Aura, but we allow hacks like X-ray & Baritone.

Do not:

- Use hacks that give you, or give another player, a movement/combative advantage.
- Intentionally cause lag to the server.

To make this server different from other semi-anarchy/vanilla servers like this, We add data packs & plugins that don't drastically change the authentic, vanilla aspect of minecraft. At the moment, we have, or will be adding Pre 1.16 Fishing, Customizable Armor Stands, Skin changers, Un-craftable items have a crafting recipe (WIP), and much more.

In the future, we will be hosting in-game community events that will be including prizes. These prizes could include long term in-game cosmetics, Discord Nitro, or even real life cash. It's a way to say thank you to our members to be so dedicated to this community. Something we're doing, right now, is rewarding our players for voting. The 3 top voters at the end of the week will be rewarding with name tag related cosmetics. #3 gets an italic name-tag, #2 gets a bold name-tag, and finally, #1 gets a Colored/Bold name-tag. Also, for voting, a player has a 50% chance of obtaining 3 Steak & 5 XP bottles.

So, what are you waiting for? We support Java & Bedrock, and is so new, that the Ender Dragon might still be alive to take! On join, you will be *offered* an optional beginner's kit to take. We run on 25 GB of ram, so you wouldn't have to worry about any world generation issues. Keep in mind that since the server is new, there won't be too many players, so don't be dismotivated to play! Instead of quitting, you can help the server by:

- Sharing it on any minecraft server related thread.
- Sharing it on Discord servers, as long as it doesn't break any rules of the server.
- Voting! We could make it to the top of a server list just by people voting.
- Sharing it on social media, specifically TikTok because, it is the most active platform with tons of MC players.

Discord Server: discord.gg/mpgzyFnJsH

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