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Our server has launched, and currently we have the land claim feuture (which only works in Toenial Forest), which gives you a few free claim blocks each hour you are on the server. These land claims are powerful, as they effectively prevent any kind of griefing just at the skylines!

To use it, simply place a chest on the ground.
Use a stick to hit the ground to check whether an area is claimed by someone else!
If you haven't logged into Triaieland for 7 days, your claim will be automatically deleted!

Future developmet:
We are working on building Ticha City, a Modern Metropolis, where you can:
Rent apartments and shops, as if you were starting a restaurant.

There are also some adjustments in Discord; now you can talk with people on the server directly from Discord. in-game chat channels. We will have a sophisticated ticket system where you can find help, apply for certain positions, or claim event rewards more effectively.

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