LostAGE Minecraft Server

IP address: Lostage.ddns.net
Bedrock IP: Lostage.ddns.net:25565
Server country:
United Kingdom
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Uptime Uptime: 97.57%
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Server description:

?| LøstAGE |?

We are a new rpg server where you can choose your Class between Vikings, Samurai and Greeks and for each Nation you can choose between Heavy , hybrid and Light Classes. whatever is better for you and your playstyle.
Also with a custome no lagg 3D Texture pack for EPIC Swords or huge Katanas or big Axes !!!

*Things to do*

- You can play your normal Survival but with the powers of your Class
Also level up your Class and play with a Unique custom combat fight system.

- There is a ranking system with ELO points to climb up in Duel in random beautiful arenas.
Prove who is the best.

- Also for every kill you get is equal to one point for your Nation, these points are added up and at the end of each season the team with the most kills Wins. And this means rewards and giveaways!!

- Mob arenas to practice but also to level up. Will you get out ALIVE?

- Explore a huge custom Adventure Map with custom biomes and places you've never been before.

*We are a new server so we have more things in mind*

- Right now we are making in this huge adventure map, towers with beacons where you can change their color to show who has the domination and also to follow them as a compass to take you to mini dungeons and to the rival villages.

- More Quests to Do! Comming Soon.

Remember we are a new server and we need you guys to make this server HUGE and ALIVE.

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