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United States
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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to the Nightshade SMP Server. Nightshade SMP is a Vanilla economy server with some nice and easy-to-use plugins including custom items, events, quests, ranks, and much more that can help bring builds and farms to bigger heights. We are a friendly community set to help, share, experience, and have fun with other players from around the world. If you are looking for a server that can provide a new and unique style of playing and are seeking new adventures, surrounded by lore, friendly and helpful staff, and a welcoming community, then hop into a hot air balloon and fly on over to Nightshade SMP.

Server Features:
- No land claim plugins
- No pay-to-win system. Donations are very optional and give only cosmetic features
- Graves spawn upon death for players to go back and collect items
- Friendly community and staff
- Occasional planned server events
- Spawn Island - a server-wide community hub
- Economy Survival
- Top-of-the-line server hardware
- Announcements and chat through Discord
- Bedrock Crossplay!
- We also have a web map
- 80+ Prefix titles to unlock and discover
- Daily quests
- Server fishing competitions
- Resource world- resets every month
- PvP/duel system for players to challenge others.
- And many more Vanilla enhancing plugins for players to experience

- No stealing
- No griefing
- No hacking
- No PvP, unless agreed upon
- No creating potentially offensive structures and content
- Refrain from defamation, harassment, etc.
- Generally, just be a nice person.

Server info:
- Vanilla 1.19.4
- IP -
- Our Bedrock port is 25565
- Our Discord server
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