Hystate Minecraft Server

IP address: hystate.com
Bedrock IP: buzz.hystate.com:19132
Server country:
United States
Bedrock version
Uptime Uptime: 26.27%

Server description:

Hystate is a brand new SMP server that offers a myriad of features to enhance your experience while keeping the gameplay challenging and engaging. The server offers a total of nine server ranks that are achievable free of charge as you progress on the server. As you make your way up the ranking system, you will unlock perks and benefits to help you along your journey in making your way to the final ranks.

The economy is an immensely important aspect to our server. Not only can you use in-game economy to rank-up, but you can use your hard earned money to claim larger areas of land quicker, purchase items from other players using Chest Shops, and so much more! In-game money on the server is obtained in many ways such as completing Quest Scrolls, voting for the server, claiming your Daily Rewards, and even just playing on the server. That's right: you will earn an income, depending on your server rank, just for spending time on the server each day!

Hystate offers too many features to cover in a short post, so we will list out the most important ones here:

- GriefPrevention land claiming & LWC
- Toggleable PVP via the /pvp command
- Safe trading via the /trade command
- Crates with unique items and rewards
- Map of the Main world @ https://map.hystate.com
- Piñata Party events
- Supply Drop events
- Elevators
- Chest Shops
- Auction House
- Server Lottery
- Chat Games
- Player Warps
- Creative Plot World
- ..and so much more!

Join us today to experience Hystate's official Minecraft server!
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