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United States
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Uptime Uptime: 42.33%

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{——⛏️——Chronic SMP - whitelisted server!!——?——}

Server Levels | Enjoy a new aspect of Survival by levelling up via the ranking system!
Claiming | Players can claim their own land and buy extra claim blocks in the Coin Shop!
Coin Shop | Shop for Chat Tags, Colors, Ranks & MORE!
Skills | Give players 15x skills & perks to level up!
Teams | Ally with other players to compete with other teams. Strategize together to level up your team!
Playtime Levels | Entices players to stay online by rewarding them based on their playtime!
Cosmetics | Buy Particle Effects, Emotes & Pets in the server store!
Modern Version | This setup has been updated to 1.19, so you can enjoy the newest Minecraft features.
Temp-Fly | Give players limited flight time to allow them to build freely!
Arena | Players can fight each other nearby in the arena world!
Graves | When players die, their loot will be stored safely in graves.
Player Shops | Players can sell their items in chest shops to make some extra cash.
Backpacks | Let players carry more than their inventory permits. They can use backpacks to store their goodies away!
Player vaults | Add extra storage space!
Ranks | 5 Donator Ranks
Quests | Keep players engaged with 50 Quests!
Vote Rewards | Daily voting for key rewards
Shop | Buy & Selling Shop GUI with a balanced economy.
Sell Wands | Let players purchase Sell Wands to ease their gameplay!
Daily Rewards | Gives players a reason to log in daily!
Combat Log | Stop players logging out mid-combat!
Anti-Cheat | to keep the server fair!
Vote Party | Reward players for voting & being online!
AFK Zone | Give back to AFK players with a reward pit for them to stay and earn rewards!
Leaderboards | Compete against fellow players with leaderboards at spawn!
Auction House | Players can sell items to other players with the Auction House.
Crates | Fully Custom Crates with cool items.
Chat Tags | to add customization to chat!


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