JustChillMC Minecraft Server

IP address: justchillmc.net
Bedrock IP: justchillmc.net:19132
Server country:
United States
Bedrock version
Uptime Uptime: 41.33%

Server description:

❤️️ JustChillMC 1.19.4 is an anti-grief, friendly, serene, and relaxing server that seeks to preserve Minecraft's semi-vanilla experience. The world is purely 1.19.2 and it's generated with the new cave generation. Play with your friends, make land claims, towns, player warps, buy & sell items to others and more. Our economy is majority revolves around the players. In JustChillMC, you will always have some fun to do. We try to make the server simple as possible. Join now, and have unlimited fun and a genuine Minecraft experience. See you there!

? Version: 1.19.4
? Discord: http://discord.justchillmc.net/
? Store: https://justchillmc.craftingstore.net/
? IP: justchillmc.net

❤️️ Awesome Features:
1. Purely 1.19.4 Brand New Cave Generated World!
2. Anti-Grief and Land Claiming System
3. Keep Inventory and XP
4. Player based and balanced economy
5. Acquirable Mob Spawners and Eggs
6. Professionally Made Spawn 5 Cool Crates
7. 26 Vote Ranks
8. Skills and Quests
9. Live Map at Website
9. Separate Resource World
10. Player Warps, Auctions, Chestshops
11. Particles, Disguises, and Glow Cosmetic Options!
12. Professional Discord Server Setup
13. Discord to Game Chat and Vice-Versa
14. Multiple Store Items
15. 60+ Payment Methods on Store!
16. Optimized Server Settings and Lag Free
17. Running 24/7

❤️️ What are you waiting for? Join Now and see you there!
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