Phantom Network ATM 8 Minecraft Server

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Phantom Network's first server, running All The Mods 8 (ATM8) version 1.0.14! A new small community to hang out and play modded MC, soon to expand into Infinity Evolved Reloaded and All The Mods 7 To The Sky!

FRESH MAP, restarted 2/25/23

Note: More features are being added, look for updates!

1: Starter kit (/kit claim starter)
2: Free Lava on public R/R/R ender tank, or at spawn.
3: 3 /sethome
4: 12 Chunk Loaded Chunks
5: 30k block world border. (X -> +- 15k, Z -> +- 15k)
6: /warp mall (player mall)
7: Vote rewards
8: Crates
9: Admin shop

1: Avoid excessively laggy builds. (Will try to give a verbal or written warning before breaking if possible to try and optimize it. Will only break without warning if it brings the server to a halt.)
2: Keep chat roughly PG 13. (Not gonna complain about swearing here and there, but avoid sexual discourse.)
3: Keep chat in english. You can dm in other languages and such, but that's it.
4: No griefing.
5: Avoid chunk loading on laggy builds. (This is modded minecraft, and builds can easily become laggy. But try to keep only core stuff like Applied Energetics systems, power generation, and resource generation chunk loaded vs mega resource processing automations.)
6: Avoid PvP (PvP is enabled, but dont harass or attack players without both parties consent).
7: Use commmon sense.

Banned items:
This list is kept minimum, where only items that can consistently crash / corrupt the server will be banned, or items that can easily bypass protections with minimal effort. This list will get re-evaluated whenever the mod gets updated in the pack.

1: Refined Storage Importers and Exporters. The ones from cable tiers can be used, as so far they do not appear to corrupt chunks as easily. Free elite importers and exporters are at spawn.
2: Create schematic cannon. Bypases ftb claims for building things, very easy to setup.
3: Chunk destroyer. Use the builder, its 3-4x less laggy while only being at most half the speed.
4: Tectonic TNT / Grenades. Bypasses claims easily.
5: Shards of lupuda. Bypasses claims. Contact staff if you want to use and have the materials for it.
6: Tera shatterer & AOIT variants. Bypasses claims and there are alternatives that dont.
7: The mystic staff of explosive mana concentration. Relatively cheap n dirty griefing.
8: Scroll of the Enclosure Boundary. Cheap griefing.
9: Pipez Mod Item, Fluid, Gas, and Ultimate pipes. Easily causes both overall tps decrease as well as TPS spikes.
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