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Welcome to! Here you will find a unique server that has never been seen before in Germany. Let me tell you all about it!

Hey, I'm asmoo! In the past few weeks, I've built a server that is unparalleled in Germany. Our server is available for both Java and MCPE players and is based on the Java version 1.19. Originally, the project was intended as a community server for my TikTok community, but I quickly realized that we can offer much more.

The Unique 1.19 Tycoon Server is the only Tycoon server in Germany running on version 1.19. Here, you can build your own economy and become a successful tycoon.

Wheat Generators and Earning Money
At the beginning, you will receive three wheat generators. These generators drop items at regular intervals that you can sell for money. With the earned money, you can upgrade your generators or buy new ones. The better your generators are, the faster you will earn money!

Exciting Quests and Tasks
There is definitely no boredom on There are a variety of quests and tasks that you can complete. Are you able to finish all the quests and prove yourself as a successful tycoon?

A Friendly Community and Lots of Fun offers a friendly and helpful community. You will definitely feel comfortable and make many new friends. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you are warmly welcome here!

Why was created to provide a home for all Minecraft players. Regardless of whether you are young or old, experienced or inexperienced, you will find a unique game concept here that you should definitely try out!

The Battle for the Top Spot
Do you want to compete with other players? Then challenge them in our server leaderboard! The leaderboard is updated every minute, so everyone can see who is currently at the top. Work hard, improve your skills, and become the best player on!

Passive Playing and Automated Farming
If you prefer a more relaxed experience, that's no problem either. Our concept also rewards building automated farms. While you chat with other players, your generators will automatically earn money. This way, you can passively participate in the server's life and still achieve success!

Thrills at the Casino
For those who enjoy some thrills, offers the opportunity to multiply your money at the casino. Our three mini-games, "Hit the Basket," "Whack-A-Creeper," and "The One-Armed Villager," provide variety and exciting moments!

Stay Informed
If you need more information or have questions, here are some helpful links:

Java Server IP: (1.19)
Pocket/Bedrock Edition IP:

How can I join the server?
To join the server, use the Java Server IP: (1.19) or the Pocket/Bedrock Edition IP: (Port 19132)
Simply open Minecraft and enter the IP address to get started!

How can I upgrade my generators?
You can upgrade your generators by using the earned money. Just click on the corresponding generator and select the upgrade option.

Are there rewards for completing quests?
Yes, you will receive rewards such as money, items, or special bonuses for completing quests.

Can I interact with other players? has an active community. You can chat with other players, socialize, andplay together.

Can I save my progress?
Yes, on, your progress is automatically saved. So you can continue playing where you left off at any time.
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