Miners Nest SMP│1.20+ (Whitelisted) Minecraft Server

IP address: minersnest.org
Server country:
United States
Uptime Uptime: 0.02%

Server description:

On the server you'll find an economy fully run by players using diamonds (no in-game money bullshit), 14 different levels that unlock commands & perks to help you throughout the games along with a ship full of quality-of-life additions.

The server is hosted in Germany with some very costly hardware so there won't be any downtime and connectivity should be good wherever you are in the world. As soon as you join the server, please type /rules and read through all of them and make sure to follow them.

Diamond currency (we have a bank to store diamonds, leaderboards, pay system ect)
100% player-run economy (no server-side shops, players can make their own buy/sell chest shops)
Land claiming (chunk-based)
Leveling system to unlock new perks
Resource worlds for gathering mass materials (to preserve the main worlds for building)
ALL mobs drop their heads, collect them all!
Many other qol features..
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